Guided TAT® with Tapas

Divorce and Breakups

Have you been divorced or in a relationship breakup? Would you love to be really free, way down deep, of all the leftover hurts? And maybe even be open to being in a new, fulfilling relationship that brings you happiness every day?

I thought you might...so I just made a new video recording about that for you. You’ll get detailed pointers to help you come up with lots to write about related to your divorce or relationship breakup -- I help you stir stuff up to put in the “pot” of things you’ll heal in each session.

I have plenty of life experience on this subject and know that TAT® really helps.

Here’s what Terri just sent me after watching it:

I just had the privilege of experiencing the new recording about divorce and break-ups. I am very moved by how much it resonated with everything that I have been feeling, thinking, trying to process and understand about myself and my long line of unhealthy and failed relationships.

Tapas brought up “thinking points” that helped me uncover issues that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Tears were streaming down my face in part because my heart is still trying to heal and in part because I knew that TAT® was going to help me get to my happier self.

The writing opened up so many things that I didn’t know were there and the “wow” statements not only feel amazing but they bring me a sense of closure on the past hurts and real excitement about what the future holds.

Thank you Tapas, for this amazing work.


What I think you’ll like about this recording is that it’s an effortless process. You’re already stuck in a well of pain -- you don’t need the job of thinking and figuring your way out. Just follow along as I guide you through, and before you know it, you’re out -- feeling happier and more yourself!

I’m excited for you to get your hands on this and get going.

Love and smiles,