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First Tuesday with Tapas

Five Tips for Getting Well

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10:00 am to 11:15 am

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Just in the last week, in the middle of a conversation on a totally different topic, a new friend told me about an illness she had been struggling with for years.  I was shocked by the news and my heart went out to her:  I could hear in her voice a terrible sadness -- it sounded like shed lost hope of ever getting well.

Maybe because Im an acupuncturist, I know so many approaches to healing all kinds of illness that are completely unknown to most people.  I remember one of my professors in acupuncure college talking about how lots of people lead perfectly healthy lives and after they die, autopsies show they had cancer.  Their body sponteously healed and theyd lived their whole lives without knowing a thing about it.  

Id like to impart this kind of thinking to you -- knowing there are ways for you to heal and how to connect with them -- including the approach to research and how to open yourself up to receiving amazing help you never would have thought possible.  Well do that in this weeks First Tuesday with Tapas where youll get my Five Tips for Getting Well.