TAT for Procrastination

Are you tired of the consequences of putting things off?  Hate paying late fees?  Realize that the same stack of unfinished paperwork is still waiting for you?  Need to end a relationship or job and are afraid to go ahead and say what you need to so you can move on?

We値l be clearing away beliefs, feelings and memories we each have that keep us from easily moving ahead -- especially in the places that have been our favorites to avoid!   We値l include these beliefs (and more) and all the ones we come up with ourselves:

I値l do it later
If I look at it later, it値l be easier to do then.
Maybe if I put it off, I won稚 have to do it.
If I put it off, it will go away.
I feel scared of facing that and so I keep away from it.
I知 always a failure at that, so I don稚 want to do it.

Got any area of your life where these kind of thoughts trap you?  Register now and break free!